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Ascendor Messertermine


Ascendor presents it's products on many well-known exhibitions and trade fairs, especially in Austria and Germany. We have exhibited on following trade shows:


Rehacare Düsseldorf, Germany 2007

Rehacare Düsseldorf, Germany 2008

Interlift Augsburg, Germany 2009

Rehacare Düsseldorf, Germany 2009

Messe 50plus Ried, Austria 2010

Integra Wels, Austria 2010

Bau München, Germany 2010

Interlift Augsburg, Germany 2011

Rehacare Düsseldorf, Germany 2012

Integra Wels, Austria 2012

Interlift Augsburg, Germany 2013


Next participation

Rehacare Düsseldorf, Germany, 24th - 27th September 2014






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