Platformlift PLG7

highest quality for many years

The long journey of a PLG7 started in Drautendorf (Austria) and currently continues in Canada..

Ascendor lifts are characterised by innovative functionalities and the highest Austrian quality standards. This is also evident in the PLG7 platform stair lift. One of them already has a long journey behind it and is still in use.

Produced in 2008 - at that time still based on a simple 2D AutoCAD drawing and a quotation created in Word - the PLG7 was installed by our long-standing partner Medeos in the Czech Republic.

In March 2014, the lift found its way back to Drautendorf. It changed hands and was overhauled and checked at our factory. Afterwards, the journey continued to Leopoldsdorf in Lower Austria. There it performed well every day for more than two years - without any malfunction.

Due to the move, the PLG7 was then shipped via sea container to London-Canada in autumn 2016. There it is used as a connection between the ground and upper floors. The lift has been running smoothly and without repairs for more than 5 years now.