World novelty thermal door

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Thermal door now also available from UnaPorte for the first time

World novelty! The UnaPorte® from Ascendor is the first platform lift with an optional thermal door. The triple-glazed thermal door is integrated airtight into the masonry. Due to the excellent thermal insulation, the lift is thermally separated from the building and ensures that the interior temperature remains constant. Even in exposed and windy installation situations, the thermally insulated door convinces with its triple door latch.

Ascendor is the only manufacturer worldwide to offer a platform lift with a thermal door. The advantages of the thermal door for the UnaPorte®:

  • Thermal insulation of the door on the building side
  • Triple glazing
  • Burglar-proof
  • No shaft necessary
  • Air- and wind-tight insulation
  • Quick installation within one day

Good to know: The building-side thermal door is also available for the following other Ascendor products: