cabin elevator QuattroPorte
  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteperfect for your home

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteEinzigartig wie Ihr Zuhause

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteincrease the value of your home

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteThe revolutionary lift development!

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPortewithout elevator shaft - ideal for
    retrofitting to your exterior wall

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPortegenießen Sie das Panorama

THE Ascendor


offers the perfect solution for your private home

The unique design of our cabin lift allows you access to all the levels of your building with only a minimum of structural modifications required. Wall openings are all that are required to allow a comfortable increase in access to your property. The space underneath the raised cabin remains free to be used as a driveway, for example.

The lack of an elevator shaft allows the QuattroPorte to be adapted to suit all possible installation situations and with doors fitted on all sides maximum flexibility is guaranteed.

Allow yourself to be convinced by the examples shown below!


kein_schacht_grube no elevator shaft or pit required
tueren_auf_allen_seiten doors can be positioned on every side
wetterfeste_ausfuehrung weatherproof construction
panoramaausblick panoramic view
einfacher_einbau quickly and easily installed
ruhige_u_sanfte_fahrt smooth and comfortable ride
waermeisolierte_ausfuehrung thermally insulated glass doors



275 kg payload


9m / min.


standard RAL9006


up to 6 stops


max. lifting height 13m


mains operation 230V


Fully Integrated Lighting

Ensures that the cabin and travel area are optimally illuminated in the dark. Lamps are installed on both the outside (Fig.1) and on the inside (Fig.2) of the lift.


A Wide Variety of Options

The colour of the cabin, travel rails and glazing can be chosen to suit your personal wishes.



Insulated Landing Door

The thermally insulated glass door ensures that the warmth remains in the house. Excellent insulation ensures that the lift is thermally separated from the building.


Safety is Our Priority

Contact switches and a reliable laser scanner guarantee your safety underneath our lift! Our safety measures ensure that the cabin stops immediately as soon as anybody (or anything) is underneath the lift.

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