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    platform stairliftfor scaling heights of up to 1,8m

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    platform stairliftein Produkt aus Meisterhand

  • platform stairlift

    platform stairlift

    elegant and attractive
    fits perfectly into any surrounding!


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    platform stairlift100% made in Austria

the Ascendor

Platform stairlift

timeless elegance and attractive design

Ascendor clearly demonstrates that it is possible to combine elegance and functionality! The increasing number of satisfied customers supports this opinion and justifies our claim that Ascendor manufactures the most attractive stair lifts.

Stylish, flexible and secure, the Ascendor platform stair lift is ideally suited to fit all staircases. Regardless if they are straight or curved, in single or multi storey buildings, in- or outdoor installations, the numerous benefits of our platform stairlift will always offer you the best solution.

The photo gallery below supports our claims and clearly illustrates how versatile our lifts are!

  • purchase directly from the manufacturer
  • perfect design and highest quality -
    manufactured entirely in Austria
  • upper track rail is smooth and clean -
    functions as a handrail


300kg payload


6,6m / min.


Standard RAL9006


inclination 0 - 47°


stairwidth 85cm


battery powered


Purchasing a platform stairlift raises many questions. Many people are unsure as to which lift is best suited for their purposes; what are the most important considerations to be made, before, during and after purchase.

We would like to take the opportunity to clarify some of these questions beforehand and in so doing provide the customer with a better understanding of the lift, how it operates and the advantages it can provide.

With the FAQ’s provided below, we wish to provide our customers with extensive preliminary information. We will be pleased to answer any additional questions that may arise personally, call us at +43 7231 400 40 or send us an e-mail: office@ascendor.at.


How much does a platform stairlift cost?
Unfortunately, we cannot give you an immediate answer to this question as the price of a stairlift depends on several factors:

- Is the staircase straight or curved?
- Can the platform be mounted directly onto the wall or will additional support brackets be required?
- Are special construction arrangements necessary to install the lift?
- Do you want to request a special colour finish?

As you can see, the final price of a platform stair lift is dependent on many outside factors and the customers personal wishes.
Please give us enough information regarding your requirements and the finished appearance of your stair lift and we will gladly send you a quotation, free of charge and without obligation!
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Are Ascendor Platform Stairlifts capable of transporting electric wheelchairs?
We can answer this question with a resounding “Yes!”
Our platform stair lifts can be adapted to suit the requirements of electric wheelchair users and can be equipped to carry a heavier payload.
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Can platform stairlifts cope with curved staircases?
Yes! Our stairlifts can be installed on straight and curved staircases, the space available is the determining factor here.
In order to clarify whether or not it is possible to install our platform stair lift, please get in contact with us.
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How long will I have to wait for the delivery of my stairlift?
The delivery time will depend on whether the lift will be fitted onto a straight or curved staircase. The delivery period is usually between 8 to 12 weeks. It can be reduced to 2 to 6 weeks upon request, if required.
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How much time does the installation of the stairlift require?
The duration of the installation will depend on the length of the staircase i.e. the length of the transport rails required and how they need to be fitted (directly onto the wall or with support stanchions) and the how many floors the building has. As a general guideline, you should reckon with an assembly time of approximately one day (8 hours) per storey.
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In which colours is a platform stairlift available?
The standard colour of our Ascendor Platform Stairlift is metallic-silver, similar to RAL 9006. A non-standard finish can be delivered on request*, you can choose from a wide variety of RAL-colours. We can also provide our stairlift in an attractive stainless steel finish.
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Can people who are not wheelchair bound also use a platform stairlift?
Of course this is possible. In many cases, especially in public buildings it may be advantageous to order a platform lift with a folding seat. This allows people with reduced mobility who are nonetheless not wheelchair bound to surmount staircases and provides extra comfort during travel.
Sometimes a change in medical condition means a stair lift becomes essential. Following consultation with a specialist, you should consider fitting a platform lift if you are; or might become dependent on a wheelchair in the future.
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How is the platform stairlift operated?
The power supply for the lift is provided by a standard electrical socket. The socket must be situated at the upper or lower end of the drive rail. Four maintenance-free, batteries are integrated into the lift chassis (an additional four can be fitted on request*). The batteries are automatically recharged when the lift is stationary at one of its landing stations.
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What will happen if a power failure occurs?
There is no need to worry! Thanks to the integrated batteries fitted into the lift it can continue to operate even in the event of a power failure and travel between floors and stations without restriction.
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How is the lift controlled?
The lift can be operated either directly at the control panel which is fitted onto the lift or by a handheld wireless remote control which can be conveniently carried in a pocket. This is the ideal solution for private owners. For public buildings, we recommend the installation of wall-mounted operating units on every landing. The lift can be summoned via these controls and the operating units can be locked with a key and thus are safe from unauthorised use.
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Are Ascendor platform lifts suitable for outdoor installation?
Yes, our platform stair lifts are available for outdoor installation and are equipped with an additional cover to protect the drive unit from rain.
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How is the platform stair lift driven?
The platform stair lift is driven by a reliable and maintenance-free toothed rack and spur gear. Please note that the toothed rack is only fitted to the lower rail. This ensures that the upper rail is free from grease and dirt and can therefore be used as a handrail.
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Can the lift be automatically stowed away?
Yes, the lift can be conveniently stowed away by simply pressing the keys on the handheld wireless transmitter or on the wall-mounted operation unit. When folded away the platform saves space: it only requires a width of 25 cm for straight staircases and 31 cm for curved staircases.
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I do not live in Austria - can I still buy an Ascendor Platform Stairlift?
Naturally! We have an established and effective sales network based throughout Europe with a dealer situated near to you. You can find our list of sales partners here. You can also call us directly by telephone. We will gladly pass your details on to our nearest dealer and they will contact you immediately.
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* Please note that special requests are subject to additional costs!

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