cabin elevator QuattroPorte
  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteperfect for your home

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteappreciation for your home

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPorteThe revolution in the lift market!

  • cabin elevator QuattroPorte

    cabin elevator QuattroPortewithout shaft ideal for
    your exterior wall

THE Ascendor


is the right lift for your private residence

With our unique cabin lift you can reach all levels of your building with minimal intervention in the existing building structure. Wall breakthroughs are enough to allow a comfortable occupancy of your property. The space under the cabin is fully usable, for instance as a driveway.

Without shaft of the elevator fits to all possible installation situations. Doors on all sides allow maximum flexibility.


  • no shaft
  • no pit
  • doors can be placed on every side
  • cabin protects from wind and weather
  • panoramic view
  • weatherproof version
  • quick installation
  • thermally insulated landing doors
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275 kg payload


9m / min.


standard RAL9006


max. 4 stops


lifts up to 12m


mains operation 230V

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